Notice C Directions on how to create an account and upload a concept note (video tutorial):


Notice C Directions for Concept Note and Proposal Development


Concept Note Outline for Notice C

The concept note is a high-level summary document to provide an overview of your project and the consortium team supporting the work. The concept note is also where you will indicate if you are looking for partners or collaborators. The concept note should not exceed three pages. An outline of your concept note is described below.

  1. Executive Summary (2-3 paragraphs): Describe the context of the project and the expected outcomes. Tailor language to a non-technical audience.

  2. Consortium Team (2-3 paragraphs):  In the first paragraph of this section, describe the prime organization including the skill sets of the organization relative to the project.  Include how the organization will lead/manage the work. In the subsequent paragraphs, describe any partner organizations and how their capabilities will augment the prime organization implementing the work. If you are looking for partners or collaborating organizations, indicate the type of support needed and bold the text so it stands out.

  3. Project Description (2 pages): Describe the project idea in further detail. Include a paragraph detailing the problem statement, how your project will address the problem and what the expected outcomes are for this work. If you have phases or objective areas in your project, outline those in the project description.

  4. Tagging: To make it easier to search proposals, we’d like you to tag keywords or phrases.  At the end of your concept note, add a line that says “Tagging” and provide a bulleted list of up to 10 words or phrases (i.e. DHIS2, supply chain, interoperability) you may use the WHO System Categoriesas a guide for tagging.


Proposal Outline for Notice C (open for commenting)

The proposal should be an expansion of your concept note, meaning that you should not delete what you’ve written in your concept note, but rather revise it and add the additional sections highlighted below. The proposal should not to exceed 15 pages (word document) exclusive of appendix documents. During the “Proposal Co-creation Phase”, other participants and members of the Peer Review Committee will be able to review your proposal and make comments. This phase is still meant to invite feedback. It is recommended you do not wait to the last minute to post your proposals so that Digital Square, the PRC and others can offer feedback ahead of the Proposal Finalization Phase.

  1. Executive Summary: If necessary, update the executive summary from the concept note.  Aim to keep the length at 2-3 paragraphs.

  2. Consortium Team: Update the text from the concept note if any changes have been made to the consortium team.  Distinguish who is the prime or lead of the proposed activity and who the supporting organizations or stakeholders will be. Include technical capabilities aligned with the proposal activities for each organization.

  3. Project Description: Expand the project description including the problem statement. If you have phases or objective areas, flesh out the details so it is clear what activities need to be implemented and in what order activities should be carried out.

  4. Use Cases, User Stories:  Summarize key use cases and user stories that will be addressed through successful implementation of the project. You may provide more information in the appendix.

  5. Digital Health Technologies: Provide an overview of key digital health tools, technologies and standards that the project will be utilizing and investing in, as well as the interactions between them. You can include architecture of sequence diagrams here or reference them in the appendix.

  6. Community Feedback: Describe how the consortium proposes to engage with the broader digital health community for feedback and input. Indicate the expected frequency of such engagements as well as the type of expected input (e.g. feedback on architecture/design, use case alignment).

  7. Self-Assessment on the Global Goods Maturity Model: Complete the self-assessment and include thelink to the Google Sheet. You do not have to reach a certain threshold on the Maturity Model to quality for funding through Notice C. If you would rather, you may attach the self-assessment in the appendix as an excel document.

  8. Digital Health Atlas

  9. Workplan and Schedule: Indicate the expected timing (i.e. # months) for implementation of the project. If you have phases or distinct objective areas, include the timing for each of these to be completed. In the workplan, include milestones for the project by each consortium member. Use of GANTT and RACI charts are encouraged and we recommend linking activities to anticipated areas of improvement on the Global Goods Maturity Model.

  10. Project Deliverables: List the project deliverables by phase or objective area and by consortium partner. Include the timeframe for deliverables (i.e. 2 months from start date; 6 months from start date etc)

  11. Tagging please “tag” your proposal with no more than 10 relevant tags for easy search/sorting on the platform. At the bottom of your submission page there is a box for tagging. Put your tags here in the appropriate format e.g. #Opensource, #EMR. For further instructions see the user guide for tagging.

  12. 2-sentence overview: Please sum up in 1-2 sentences for each topic:

  1. A description of your global good for a non-technical audience.

  2. What this investment from Digital Square will specifically go towards.


Final Proposal Outline for Notice C (closed for commenting)

During the proposal finalization phase, submitters put the finishing touches on proposals, addressing any feedback received during proposal co-creation phase. Commenting is closed during this time. The additional content listed below must be added as attachments to the proposal.

Budget narrative: The budget narrative should include staff time of named individuals that will be providing key support for proposal or work plan activities. A template is available here. Include the overall dollar amount requested in the budget narrative. If there are budgeted activities by phases or objective areas, breaking down the budget by these subheadings is allowed but this is not required.

Detailed budget: Attach a detailed budget in excel that aligns with theworkplan. The budget file will be visible only to the submitter and Digital Square forum managers. A sample budget template can be found here. Digital Square recommends the use of an indirect rate frequently used in the past, such as an indirect rate used for USAID or Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded activities. These will serve as placeholders. Negotiated indirect rates of awarded proposals will be based on donor regulations and policies.

PDF of the full proposal:  Include an attachment of the full proposal (excluding budget narrative, detailed budget, and appendices). If possible, include the self-assessment of the Maturity Model in the PDF, but this is not required.