Request for Application #2019-016

openIMIS Modularization, Nepali Functionality, and Community Development

Support for Formal Sector schemes and Configurable Claims Workflow in openIMIS

Two-sentence overview: 

This Technical application proposes to enable the coverage and management of health insurance schemes in the Formal Sector (for people with regular wages and normal work hours), further improving the claim review process by establishing a configurable claim workflow engine and building the community by integrating the users’ organizations.

These developments will be achieved under the new modular openIMIS architecture by migrating the required modules from the legacy system, integrating with specific external systems and by developing new modules based on the specifications developed by Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), the designer and developer of openIMIS, and with the IT support of SolDevelo, one of the main contributors to openIMIS.

Executive summary: 

In order to achieve the project’s goals, the following main activity areas need to be pursued:

  1. Develop and agree on the specifications for the Formal Sector schemes and the configurable Claim Workflow together with the End Users and Implementers Committee; 

  2. Migrate the required legacy modules to the new architecture and new technologies; 

  3. Develop new modules to support the Formal Sector schemes and configurable Claim Workflows; 

  4. Perform a number of community building activities to integrate into the users' organizations (requirements gathering, user acceptance testing, creation of community forum, etc.)

These activities will be achieved by the unique expertise and knowledge in this sector by the consortium of Swiss TPH and SolDevelo. The work will mainly take place in Switzerland and Poland, but in-country workshops will be organized to integrate end-users into the development process. 

Based on the in-house expertise, openIMIS was specified and developed from the beginning by Swiss TPH. As a result, Swiss TPH acquired a deep knowledge of the system, permitting  Swiss TPH to draft the first specification of the Formal Sector scheme integration, shared with the openIMIS Initiative. Moreover, Swiss TPH is mandated to support several openIMIS implementations, which will allow the development of this project to follow the Principles for Digital Development and involve end-users in the specification, development and testing processes. SolDevelo has experience with both legacy and new modular openIMIS, facilitating the migration of modules and the development of new modules.

Consortium Team: 

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), Switzerland

Swiss TPH is a world-leading institute in global health with a particular focus on low and middle-income countries with a staff strength of over 850 staff from 80 different nations currently active in 300 projects across 100 countries. Swiss TPH will be responsible for technical project management, providing the health insurance domain expertise as well as contributing their knowledge and experience of design and implementation of openIMIS. This will include drafting of business and technical specifications, supporting the system and architecture design, facilitating user engagement in solutions design and acceptance testing.

Swiss TPH’s relevant experience includes the design and implementation experience from the birth of the Insurance Management Information System (which is the genesis of the openIMIS Initiative) in Tanzania. And then subsequently the transfer of the solution to Nepal and implementing projects in Cameroon, DRC, and Chad. openIMIS relevant experience is further summarized here. In addition, Swiss TPH is also implementing projects focused on systems’ interoperability specifically the integration of health systems with Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system (under the Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative) and integrating them as tracked entities in DHIS2. Swiss TPH is also a part of the advisory group for OpenCRVS.

Qualifications of key members: 

  • Patrick Delcroix: 

    • Product manager (MBA and MSc. Electronics) at Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH)

    • 6 years of experience managing ICT projects

    • 1.5 years of experience managing services

    • PMP and Prince2 Certified Project Manager 

    • Other certifications: ITILv3, Six Sigma, Scrum master

  • Siddharth Srivastava:

    • Health Financing Specialist (MSc. Operational Research) at Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH)

    • Over 10  years of experience in health insurance projects in Lower Middle-Income Countries (LMICs: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi; backstopping roles in Chad and DRC)

    • Insurance Information systems design (capturing and documenting user requirements) and implementation (including capacity building) experience

    • IMIS/openIMIS design and implementation experience since 2013 in all implementation sites of openIMIS - Tanzania, Cameroon, Nepal, DRC and Chad 

    • Project Manager/Project Coordinator experience across national teams for GIZ openIMIS mandates and insurance projects in Nepal, Cameroon and Kenya.

    • Experience of implementing other eHealth open-source software packages like DHIS 2 and Open Data Kit

    • Experience in marketing, capacity development and community building for openIMIS

  • Dragos Dobre

    • IT System Architect (PhD. Automatics and Computer Science, MSc. System Engineering) at Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH)

    • Management of software life cycle (from specification to development to deployment)

    • Design, development, and maintenance of open-source applications

    • openIMIS design, development and implementation experience since 2018 in implementation sites of openIMIS - Tanzania, DRC, and Chad 

    • Project Coordinator experience across international teams for GIZ openIMIS mandate

    • OMG-Certified Systems Modeling Professional™

SolDevelo, Poland

SolDevelo is a well established IT company (+80 staff) focused on delivering high-quality software and innovative solutions. SolDevelo will be responsible for the software development of modules migration from legacy to new openIMIS and the development of new modules. 

SolDevelo is involved in several openIMIS projects, including maintenance and support project, HL7 FHIR module development, openIMIS integration with openMRS and enhancing the security of the legacy system. SolDevelo has been involved in many opportunities that have required the skill sets relevant to this particular project. Examples include OpenMRS (core contributors), HL7 FHIR (OpenMRS Sync 2.0 module), nationwide micro-service based implementations (OpenLMIS), nationwide OpenHIE architecture based implementations (National Health Infrastructure project with such components like OpenELIS, DHIS2, OpenMRS and many other HIE compatible applications, health standards-based workflows for the Client Registry, Facility Registry, Health Management Information System, Shared Health Record, and Interoperability Layer). 

SolDevelo Social Impact Foundation was created by SolDevelo in 2018. The purpose of the Foundation is to help the digital development projects in various ways, like cooperation, consultations, marketing activities, and community building. The Foundation is built upon the experiences of Soldevelo’s work in this field. The Foundation's mission is to increase the impact of the Global Good IT projects that SolDevelo company has worked with. The Foundation is working with the OpenMRS community through various activities, such as reactivating and managing the Fundraising Committee and helping this initiative with marketing. SolDevelo Social Impact is also working with the UNICEF Poland on the Embassy of the Good Will projects through co-organizing events and building community around this initiative. The Foundation also worked with the City of Gdynia, Poland on the report of the Digital Capabilities of the Polish NGOs. SolDevelo Social Impact is cooperating with the Principles of Digital Development community, for example by creating the materials for their Advocacy Toolkit.

Qualifications of key members: 

  • Kamil Madej

    • Senior-level Java Developer/Team Leader (BSc. Engineering) at SolDevelo

    • 5 years of experience in ICT digital development projects, like openIMIS, OpenMRS, MOTECH, Terre des hommes and Connect for Life

    • Performing code review experience

    • Creating high-level designs using tools for wireframing

    • Leading several frontend and backend development teams

  • Maciej Neumann

    • Foundation Leader (Master in Journalism) of the SolDevelo Social Impact Foundation 

    • Experience as a Journalist and Creative Manager 

    • Working with digital development communities, like OpenMRS or Principles for Digital Development

Modular Migration of Core openIMIS
Nepal Feature Requests
Community Support
Geographic Reach: 

Tanzania, Nepal, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad

WHO Classification: 
Health finance and information system
Application Tags: 
community engagement
universal health coveage
client registry
human centered design
Application Status: 
Approved - partially funded