Adoption and Deployment of Flow Interoperability Standards - Request for Applications

Adoption and Deployment of Flow Interoperability Standards

Project Details

Objectives and Scope of Work

This application solicits requests for matching funding that would assist or accelerate organizations in adopting the Flow Interoperability standards. This includes:

  • Software Vendors: Introducing support for one or both FI standards within their software systems.

  • Development Implementation Organizations: Launching and learning from projects that use one or both FI standards to connect data and systems.

To be eligible, projects would need to demonstrate how the usage of the Flow Interoperability standards connects or improves existing software systems, or supports development projects that make use of connected software and data.  Funding for software development is expected to support the adoption of the FI standards and associated functionality in existing systems, but not to fund the creation of new independent functionality. Open-source licensing of funded software is preferred but not required.

Expected Project Timelines and Administration

We anticipate that projects supported by these awards will run for approximately 12 months - 18 months, including practical usage, monitoring, and iteration. Public releases of software and/or field deployments must be completed at the latest by July 31, 2021, with monitoring and usage to follow.  Projects would be administered on a deliverables basis, and applicants would be required to submit quarterly update reports.

Funding level

At this stage of the Initiative, the intention is to support a sustainable community of interoperable systems. Funding is intended to accelerate and assist the above goals, but not intended to cover the full development or implementation cost.  A matching level of approximately 50% of project funds to be provided by the applicant is anticipated. The Initiative anticipates making multiple awards between $40,000 and $100,000 depending on scale and alignment with the award criteria.


Deliverables are expected to be unique depending on the nature of the software system or development project. Applications should propose an expected deliverables schedule.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications would be evaluated on the basis of potential to scale the interoperability ecosystem and the value unlocked for operating projects in development and humanitarian response. Projects should articulate their potential along the following criteria:





Demonstrated need: Does the interoperability enable medium-term impact at scale? At a quantitative level, what are the number of digital interactions enabled 18 months after deployment?

Applicability: Does the interoperability support important reusable use-cases? At a quantitative level, what are the number of end-users reached, who benefited from the interoperability 18 months after deployment? What is the depth of this impact?

Adoptability: Potential for community reuse: Does the project create reusable goods that extend the Flow Interoperability ecosystem into the future?


Relationship with the existing ecosystem: Does the interoperability connect to existing software systems with high differential value?

Probability of Success

Overall approach: Is the application well-thought-out? Is there technical feasibility and credibility of the applicant to complete the deliverables?

Application plan: Are activities clearly articulated with owners and measurable indicators of success?

Team and organizational support: Does the organization have all the personnel and organizational support that would be needed to implement the project?

Partners: Does the application involve collaboration between an appropriate set of partners (i.e., technical experts, users, donors, etc.)?

Open Application Process

Submission of applications will utilize the Digital Square Open Application Process (OAP), which begins with a concept note. Application submission deadlines are detailed below and application materials must be submitted on Digital Square’s open application platform. By submitting your application to Digital Square, applicants acknowledge and agree that your application, including overall budget amount will be shared publicly on the open application platform. This process and platform promotes transparency with other applicants, the Flow Interoperability Initiative, and other organizations and individuals without obligation of confidentiality. 

The Initiative requests that applicants provide a Concept Note (details under section 4. Concept Note) after which determinations will be made based on the evaluation criteria to showcase which concepts are “inscope.” At that juncture, in-scope applicants will be invited to submit Full Applications (details under section 5. Full Application Requirements - Technical). The Full Application also requires financial details (please see 6. Full Application Requirements - Cost for further information).

Submission Resources

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