Notice E1 Client Registries

Notice E for promoting investments in digital health global goods

openIMIS-based Client Registry

Two-sentence overview: 

The goal of this project is to increase the scope of the open-source Insurance Management Information System (openIMIS) by extending the beneficiary management module, which already deals with insurees’ personal and identification information, to respond to Client Registry’s (CR) requirements and standards, to be self-sufficient and, at the same time, compatible with the largest open-source programs for healthcare providers through the existing but yet to be extended openIMIS FHIR module.

The team composed by Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), the designer and developer of the legacy openIMIS version, implemented in five countries, and experienced with Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems, and SolDevelo, the developer of the openIMIS FHIR module and with experience in integrating health systems, will join their expertise to respond to OpenHIE project requirements in general and to OpenHIE Client Registry Community’s requirements and expectations.

Executive summary: 

Although several CR specific tools exist, we are convinced that openIMIS can be easily and effectively enhanced to compete in this very specific and well defined market. With already existing functionalities to manage beneficiaries, we will use Digital Square’s investment to build a tool that manages all the client registration in one place. 

The openIMIS-based CR will be a self-sufficient product. As a standalone tool, the openIMIS-based CR will work with open-source libraries and tools, making it free for use and accessible in Low and Middle Income Countries. In the core of our tool, we will allow a flexible data model, a strong de-duplication mechanism, a strong and configurable ID mechanism, and an advanced search feature. 

Specific user interfaces will be developed for clients management and administration, including import and export functionalities. Specific “patient identification” modules (based on technologies like fingerprint or QR codes) will allow an easy and effective user identification, allowing the implementers to use the best suited solution for their needs. 

The existing openIMIS FHIR module will be enhanced with resources that will meet the relevant Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) profiles and will support "Registration as a Service". 

Quality Assurance and documentation are part of our development processes. To allow easy and efficient installation, we will provide Docker packaging mechanisms satisfying Instant OpenHIE requirements. 

Consortium Team: 

SolDevelo (prime organisation)

SolDevelo is a dynamic Polish IT company (+80 staff) focused on delivering high-quality software and innovative solutions. SolDevelo is currently involved in several openIMIS projects, including the ‘maintenance and support project’, HL7 FHIR module development, openIMIS integration with OpenMRS and enhancing the security of the legacy system. SolDevelo has been involved in many opportunities that required skill sets relevant to this particular project, for example OpenMRS (core contributors), HL7 FHIR (OpenMRS Sync 2.0 module), nationwide micro-service based implementations (OpenLMIS), nationwide OpenHIE architecture based implementations (National Health Infrastructure project with such components like OpenELIS, DHIS2, OpenMRS and many other HIE compatible applications, health standards-based workflows for the Client Registry, Facility Registry, Health Management Information System, Shared Health Record, and Interoperability Layer). SolDevelo will be responsible for technical project management, gather exact requirements, prepare project timeline, manage development according to SCRUM principles and deliver the final results back to the community.

Swiss TPH

Swiss TPH is a leading institute in global health with a particular focus on low and middle-income countries with a staff strength of over 850 from 80 different nations, currently active in 300 projects across 100 countries. Swiss TPH’s relevant experience includes involvement in the design and implementation of the Insurance Management Information System (which is the genesis of the openIMIS Initiative) since its inception in Tanzania. Swiss TPH is currently implementing two projects at scale for the deployment of insurance schemes through openIMIS, in Tanzania and Cameroon, and two openIMIS pilots in Chad and Democratic Republic of Congo. Additionally, Swiss TPH is actively involved in the development of openIMIS as part of the Implementers and Developers Committees of the openIMIS Initiative. In addition, Swiss TPH is also implementing projects focused on systems’ interoperability, specifically the integration of health systems with Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system (under the Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative) and integrating them as tracked entities in DHIS2. Swiss TPH is also a part of the advisory group for OpenCRVS. Swiss TPH will be responsible for the expertise on health financing and beneficiary registries, openIMIS, drafting of business and technical specifications, supporting the system and architecture design.

Digital Health Atlas: 
Geographic Reach: 

Tanzania, Nepal, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad

WHO Classification: 
Health finance and information system
Application Status: 
Pending Review & Investment
Application Tags: 
packaging and deployment
client registry
product documentation and manuals
interoperability layer


Since the Digital Square website says "Use comments to state your interest in joining a team", I now express my interest.

I have been familiar with the topic of client registries for several years now, and I have received many requests from various countries regarding the existence of "ready-made" beneficiary registries for health and social protection.

Additionally, I have been involved in other Open Source Client Registry projects for the health sector, which turned out to be challenging for large scale implementations. Sharing and learning from this experience might be useful for you.

Please see my profile on Linkedin and feel free t contact me for further collaborations

Hi Zuzanna,

Thank you for submitting a concept note for Notice E1. Please note, concept notes should be 3 pages or less. Final concept notes are due May 22 at 5pm EDT.


Thank you for the concept note, a few thoughts and questions for the final version:

  • Could you unpack your plans to meet the OpenHIE CR specification requirements?
  • Also it would be good to touch on the existing matching algorithms as well as ability to add new patient matching algorithms to the solution.
  • Would the Client registry module be a something that could be deployed without all the health financing / claims management aspects or is it expected that the CR deployment would also be a health insurance tool?

Hi Carl. Thank you for the questions and thoughts. We will definitely respond to them in the technical proposal.  

Thanks, great concept note. It will be good to clearly describe:

  • Will the CR module be completely integrated with IMIS or deployed separately? what are the security risks if completely integrated?
  • What are the specific areas of work in relation to the OpenHIE CR specifications
  • What are the current matching algorithms/features that exist and what need to be developed?