Notice E1 Client Registries

Notice E for promoting investments in digital health global goods

SantéMPI Client Registry

Two-sentence overview: 

This project seeks to improve several key areas of SantéMPI, a next generation online/offline capable CR solution, to strengthen the ability of LMICs to adopt and sustain this technology by: improving installation and configuration processes, enhancing tooling for end-users to more easily customize deployments, upgrading standards support from FHIR R3 to R4, and expanding community documentation.

Our organization and partners’ will contribute to achieving these goals by leveraging and applying two decades of deep expertise and experience in open source digital health software including: software innovation, development, implementation, support and capacity building; open standards and OpenHIE; along with our in-depth experience developing, evolving and implementing the MEDIC CR solution.

Executive summary: 

Silo’d digital health solutions, implementing multiple patient IDs present significant barriers in LMICs to operationalizing strategies for achieving UHC including shifting digital health to person-centered care, reducing the burden of indicator reporting on frontline health workers, improving the accuracy and timeliness of data, and establishing integrated, national digital health ecosystems. A proven, robust, fully featured Master Patient Index/Client Registry (MPI/CR) like SantéMPI is a, strategic digital health building block which can be used to overcome these obstacles to data quality, harmonization and sharing, and also be leveraged to implement national health IDs.

The overall goal of this project is to strengthen the ability of LMICs to rapidly adopt and sustain SantéMPI at scale by improving key areas of this next generation online/offline capable MPI/CR solution, and leveraging nearly 10 years of experience developing and implementing MEDIC CR. Funding will go toward software infrastructure improvements, upgrading existing interoperability standards capabilities, upgrading tooling used for integration, administration and testing and engaging stakeholders and the OpenHIE Client Registry community to refine deliverables and specifications. Key activities will include improving installation and configuration processes, enhancing tooling for end-users to customize deployments, upgrading standards support more easily from FHIR R3 to R4, and expanding and enriching community technical and policy documentation.

SantéSuite will achieve the goals of this project by applying its team’s extensive experience designing, developing and implementing MPI/CR and EMR solutions at national scale in LMICs; operationalizing interoperability standards; building local capacity through hands-on teaching, teaming and tooling; and co-creating digital health strategy, policy and operating procedures.


Consortium Team: 

SantéSuite Inc. is a Canadian social enterprise, whose founders have extensive international experience developing and implementing national digital health strategies and solutions in LMICs and beyond. Our skill set and track record includes leading the development and implementation of: MPI/CRs (SantéMPI, MEDIC CR) and immunization registries (OpenIZ, TiMR) at Mohawk College; primary care and hospital EMRs (OSCAR EMR, WorldVistA EHR); Digital health certification including US Meaningful Use, ISO 13485, and IHE Conformance; PMI PMP and Agile practitioner certifications; and establishing international open source community ecosystems. SantéSuite Inc.’s team’s skills and experience can be augmented as needed through its extensive network of collaborating partners and experts including Mohawk College IDEAWORKS and Hamilton Health Sciences.

Digital Health Atlas: 

See attached PDF of screenshot of registration. The following is the link to the SanteMPI Digital Health Atlas registration:


Geographic Reach: 

Myanmar in first phase of national deployment.

Tanzania - the first generation MPI component (MEDIC CR) SanteMPI is based on, is an integral part of nationally deployed TiMR EIR

WHO Classification: 
Identification registries and directories
Application Status: 
Pending Review & Investment
Application Tags: 
packaging and deployment
universal health coveage
client registry


Hi Joseph,

Thank you for submitting a concept note for Notice E1. Please note, concept notes should be 3 pages or less. Final concept notes are due May 22 at 5pm EDT.


Thanks, great concept note. Some thoughts: 

  • Will be good to highlight countries, in addition to Tanzania that are using the system.
  • What are the client matching algorithms/features that exist and what need to be developed? 
  • What are some of the risks?