Notice F2: Shelf readiness with a focus on building local capacity and new teams.

Campaign support for

Two-sentence Overview: 

Healthsites is building a baseline of health facility data with OpenStreetMap. The campaign support application will enable users to drive the development of the data through emergency health user stories that they care about.

Executive Summary: 

This application will support the development of campaign functionality within the platform. Users will be able to join or run campaigns to improve baseline health facility data in support of Emergency Health care.

Our project strategy is to take a Human Centered Design approach to drive the development of the data. We define priority Emergency health user stories through a method that identifies the underlying health facility attributes. 

Users will be able to join campaigns that will focus on user stories that they care about and improve the supporting  data attributes in OpenStreetMap.

Consortium team: 

Our team consists of public health and open data experts, open source designers and developers, and technology strategists passionate about creating an open data set of health facility information. Our team has a diverse set of experience in open source software development, public health research, and humanitarian response. We are active in open source geographic information systems communities, OpenStreetMap, and health and demographic research. We collaborate with technical specialists and developers as a part of the OpenHIE Community. This community of developers and organizations is part of scoping activities, core development, and deployment.

  • Open Healthsites Consulting Ltd will take the project lead and manage the development process. As the project lead for the Global Healthsites mapping project we have overseen it’s development from inception. Our core skill sets support Agile software development and digital production. 
  • OpenStreetMap Senegal have been supporting operations in Senegal since 2019
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is a project partner dedicated to improving OpenStreetMap data.
  • Centre des Opérations d'Urgence Sanitaire (COUS) and PATH collaborated with our project team to map and validate Emergency Health data in Senegal in 2020
  • Kartoza is a founding partner of the project and has led the technical development of the platform.
  • Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) is a project partner with a strategic focus on data quality, analyses, sharing and use of baseline OpenStreetMap health facility data.
  • Beyond is a design and technology agency that builds world class products for the digital age.
Project Description: 

In 2019 was funded by Digital Square to establish OpenStreetMap as the data store. Part of the project included a pilot in Saint Louis Senegal. During this pilot we ran workshops that developed user stories from the newly updated data in OpenStreetMap. 

In 2020 in collaboration with our project partners OpenStreetMap Senegal, the Centre des Opérations d'Urgence Sanitaire (COUS) and PATH we developed Emergency Health user stories and mapped the supporting health facility attributes in OpenStreetMap.

This work was well received and we have subsequently received interest from OpenStreetMap Mali and collaborating organisations in the health cluster. We will work with these project partners to improve data in the district of Saint Louis.


  • Improve the user experience design of the platform.
  • Establish campaign functionality that drives the development of Emergency health data in OpenStreetMap
  • Establish lean metrics that support measurement and reporting of impact performance

Deliverables and schedule

We will take an Agile Human Centered Design approach and develop the campaign functionality through a series of sprints.

  • Discovery (month 1,2)
  • Define product  / solution to be developed 
  • Prototype and Test with end users 
  • Build MVP (minimally viable product) (month 2,3)
  • Identify and engage partners in the health cluster
  • Branding and Corporate identity development
  • Launch MVP (at the end of month 3)
  • Run MVP for phase 1 (month 4)
  • Run a campaign in the district of Saint Louis Senegal
  • Learn, take stock, recommendations for iterations and improvement (month 5)
  • Iterations phase 1 (months 6)
  • Run MVP for phase 2  (month 7)
  • Run a campaign in the district of Saint Louis Senegal
  • Learn, take stock, recommendations for iterations and improvement on phase 2 (month 8)
  • Iterations phase 2 (month 9)
  • Run MVP for phase 3 (month 10)
  • Learn, take stock, recommendations for iterations and improvement on phase 3
  • Iterations phase 3  (month 11)
  • Launch


Risk mitigation

User Experience Design assets will guide the development of the campaign features. Minimal Viable Product will be established from the first sprint ensuring the working software is created. We have established Memorandums of Understanding with project partners and will build on these through the project.

Application Status: 
Not Approved


Thank you for the concept note. For the full technical application, in addition to general recommendations per the email, please also classify the proposed work within the framework of Shelf-Readiness and local capacity development as per the RFA.