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openIMIS/openMRS/DHIS2 integration

Two-sentence Overview: 

This project’s goal is to improve integrations between openIMIS, openMRS and DHIS2 in order to make them quicker, less burdensome, and smoother flows of information, especially regarding the quantity of data pushed from openIMIS/openMRS to DHIS2. Bluesquare will deliver specific software developments and pool its expertise in open source softwares and DHIS2 data warehouse together to achieve this goal.

Executive Summary: 

Bluesquare has hands-on experience in openIMIS, as it has been leading the software modularization since 2019, and has a broad knowledge and experience of DHIS2, as this health information system serves as a basis for its DHIS2 suite products. Bluesquare has also worked on an integration analysis between openMRS and openIMIS in the Niger context. By pooling together these fields of expertise, Bluesquare can provide integration functionalities between the three softwares openIMIS, openMRS and DHIS2 by developing the needed “missing pieces” that would allow smoother and quicker data flows.

Consortium team: 


Project Description: 

openIMIS, openMRS and DHIS2 are existing digital health softwares which tackle different issues in the health sector, respectively health insurance management, hospital data management and general health information system. They are currently being deployed in several LMICs and the aim is to have more and more countries implementing them. In order to benefit from their full potential, they would need to be fully integrated, enabling smooth data exchanges, enhanced user experience when transitioning from one tool to another, and smooth processes throughout the different tools. The purpose of this data integration is to allow the pooling of health information for better analysis, policy building and public health management, while saving time and money (no need to encode the same data twice) and increased data quality. This data integration would be delivered following wherever possible openHIE standards.


Application Status: 
Approved – Contingent on Funding


Thank you for the concept note. For the full technical application, in addition to general recommendations per the email, please:

  • Ensure the full application speaks to how you will engage with the broader OpenIMIS/OpenMRS/DHIS2 and OpenHIE communities, particularly to ensure there isn't duplication of effort and recent enhancements in the tools can be leveraged.
  • Reference the use of standards for interoperability, including related to terminology management and any use of FHIR.

Are you using SNOMED standard terminology ( in your work integrating DHIS2 and OpenMRS? Or will another standard be used?


Thank you!