Request for Application #2019-016

openIMIS Modularization, Nepali Functionality, and Community Development


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Upcoming Webinar: Applicants on Stage

Dear all,

Due to several requests by applicants to present project ideas to the wider openIMIS community, we are setting up a web-call on short notice, where applicants can present their ideas to the community. This will give them the possibility to receive further inputs, which might not be possible as mere comments on the OAP.

Request for Application #2019-016

We have extended the deadline for RFPA #2019-016: OpenIMIS Modularization, Nepali Functionality, & Community Development. The new due dates are:

  • Concept note: August 26 11:50PM PDT
  • Preliminary technical application: September 16
  • Full application: October 7

Read the solicitation here: