Notice E0 Phase 1 Shelf Readiness

Notice E for promoting investments in digital health global goods

Notice E Survey and Next Steps

Dear Notice E Applicants,

Thank you for submitting your final application for Notice E0 and Notice E1. We greatly appreciate your continued engagement with the open application process (OAP) and Digital Square. In an effort to continue improving upon the OAP, we would like to kindly ask for you to please complete this brief survey by Friday, August 21, 2020 as your feedback is extremely important to us.

In terms of next steps for Notice E, from now through August 14, the Peer Review Committee (PRC) is reviewing final applications using the Digital Square Prioritization Framework and the high-level summary budget outlined in the technical application template. Proprietary information including salaries, indirect rates, and/or other factors are not shared with anyone outside of the funder and Digital Square.

From August 17 through September, Digital Square will compile the PRC evaluations by clustering the applications according to the Prioritization Framework for Governing Board Investment Review Committee (IRC) review. Digital Square will create an investment package recommendation of the highly scored applications for the Governing Board Investment Review Committee based on the funding round objectives, donor priorities, and Digital Square vision. The IRC will evaluate whether to approve the investment packages and reserves the right to modify the recommendation at their discretion.

In September, we will share the investment decisions approved by the IRC with applicants. Upon applicant request, PRC feedback shall be shared with applicant. Investment decisions are contingent on funder approval.

Again, thank you for your participation in Notice E and as always, please feel free to reach out to our team with questions.


The Digital Square Team