Notice E0 Phase 1 Shelf Readiness

Notice E for promoting investments in digital health global goods

Healthsites alignment with OpenHIE architecture

Two-sentence overview: plans to support the maintenance of baseline health facility data with OpenStreetMap.

In order to support the Health Information Systems being used within Ministries of Health such as DHIS2 , intends to support the FHIR standard for exchanging electronic health records as it relates to health care facilities. 

During the notice B development phase Healthsites specified a phased implementation plan. Our developers and digital producers will implement this standard and test with project partners.

Executive summary: 

The investment will fund the integration of with Health Information Systems that support the FHIR standard. This will allow Ministries to take advantage of baseline health facility data in OpenStreetmap to maintain their master facility list. This has a variety of benefits including cost saving, improved accessibility and enhanced data analysis.

We will make use of the The Instant OpenHIE project and provide incremental value while gaining experience with FHIR by taking a phased implementation approach.  

We will continue working with the project team established during the Notice B phase. Specifically Janusz Slota (Healthsites) will work with Doug Moran (eHealthAfrica) 

Consortium Team: 

Open Healthsite Consulting Ltd leads the project. It provides business analysis and Agile project management. We intend to manage the work in a similar way to the work done in Notice B. The difference this time is that we want to place the primary use cases of Epidemiologists and the Instant OpenHIE approach at the center of the work.

We request collaboration with end users (Epidemiologists) of the data.

We request collaboration with Jembi Health Systems and the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) who are experienced in implementing the FHIR standard and are Advancing Instant OpenHIE.

We plan to collaborate with individuals and partners established during the pilot phase of the Notice B namely Kartoza, eHealthAfrica, OpenStreetMap Senegal, Geomatica . These users are experienced software developers and organisations that maintain Health Information Systems. They make use of data in the field to support use cases such as vaccination roll out campaigns and strategic purchasing.

Geographic Reach: 

The application has a Global reach and is one of the most popular datasets on the Humanitarian Data Exchange.

WHO Classification: 
Facility management information system
Final Technical Application: 
Application Status: 
Not Approved
Application Tags: 
data standards
master facility list


Hi Mark

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Hi Mark

Thanks for the initial note. Please could you unpack a little how this would link into the Instant OpenHIE project and is there focus on adhering to the deployment patterns too? It would be good to see the concept note more aligned to shelf-readiness and we'd encourage partnership to be more than just the Instant OpenHIE consortium.