Notice E0 Phase 1 Shelf Readiness

Notice E for promoting investments in digital health global goods

Simplified Docker-based Package and Deployment method for Bahmni, in an OpenHIE architecture

Two-sentence overview: 

The goal is to improve the package and deployment process of Bahmni to ease its deployment as a Point of Service (POS) Component within an OpenHIE architecture. This will be achieved through leveraging the Docker containerization strategy and developing an interactive, guided step-by-step process that extends the current Docker deployment method to add OpenHIE-specific configuration options.

Executive summary: 

IntelliSOFT will use the investment from Digital Square to facilitate the resources needed towards shipping the proposed solution to the community. This will generally cover the development and administrative costs related to the project.

The Simplified Docker-based Package and Deployment method for Bahmni, aims to reduce the cost and skills required for software developers in deploying Bahmni as a POS system to the OpenHIE architecture. This aligns Bahmni to the DevOps guidelines and containerizations specified in the Instant OpenHIE. 

With the above set goals, there are several low-level tasks that will be outlined in a detailed work plan. The goal will be achieved once all the related tasks are completed according to the set standards and quality assurance. 

IntelliSOFT will make use of the expertise and experience acquired while working on past projects to ensure that the set goals of the proposed solution are met. Guided by the Principles of Digital Development, IntelliSOFT will deliver a world-class product.

Consortium Team: 

IntelliSOFT will work closely with the OpenHIE Community and sub-communities within it like the OpenHIM & other relevant communities to achieve the proposed project goals.

Digital Health Atlas: 

The global good is registered in the Digital Health Atlas as e-Hospital (Kenya).

Geographic Reach: 
  1. Kenya - Nairobi
  2. South Sudan - Juba
WHO Classification: 
Data interchange interoperability and accessibility
Application Status: 
Not Approved
Application Tags: 
packaging and deployment
point of service


Hi Steven

It would be interesting to see this work aligned to some of the OpenHIE communities and we'd sugest leveraging the DevOps space for technical demos and support if that meets your plans?

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your great suggestion. We will purpose to present and share our design thoughts during the next OpenHIE DevOps call for technical input from the community.