Notice E0 Phase 1 Shelf Readiness

Notice E for promoting investments in digital health global goods

Reveal to Guide Precision Health: from Demand to Shelf Readiness

Two-sentence overview: 

Reveal is a “young” but widely implemented global good that provides spatial targets and tools to improve quality of field-service delivery. Its potential applications are vast, but the packaging and configurability level of the tool is immature, which bottlenecks adding technical use-cases, geographic context, and partners.

Executive summary: 

Reveal is an open-source digital platform and approved “Global Good” that provides real-time alignment of spatial targets with health service field operations and currently supports malaria and neglected tropical disease interventions in five countries. Reveal combines a web-based tool that facilitates detailed planning by field managers and a mobile tool that guides front-line health workers through highly interactive, self-navigating digital maps down to the household level. In 2018, the Reveal software suite migrated to a new stack to better meet long term goals for sustainability, configurability, and interoperability. However, the focus of 2018 and 2019 was to support new implementations, so less time was spent on sustainability-focused development efforts.

The overarching goal of this project is to lower the barrier of entry to setting up the Reveal system. When evaluating Reveal against the Global Goods Maturity Model (GGMM) and OpenHIE standards for off-the-shelf tools, five thematic gaps emerged. Our specific goals for this investment will be to close these gaps by 1) Broadly engaging the public in roadmapping, 2) Building technical documentation, 3) Achieving OpenHIE architecture for packaging and deployment, 4) Executing load testing, and 5) Demonstrating compliance with OpenHIE interoperability workflows and standards. The activities to achieve these goals involve documentation, code-writing and software development, QA and testing, and community engagement; all of which fall under the role of product management and development, the roles Akros and its development partners play respectively already with this product.

Consortium Team: 

Akros is a cutting edge organization that establishes data-driven and technologically appropriate systems to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged communities. Akros is the product manager of Reveal, coordinating the needs of implementing clients with outputs from software development firms. Akros also provides Reveal implementation support to countries and their partner organizations via a translational, capacity-building model. Akros’ internal project management system ‘Grow’ will guide best practices in product and program management, utilizing the Atlassian suite of tools. Subcontractor management will be coordinated through Slack, and tracked by Jira and Confluence.

Akros will partner with Ona Systems, Terraframe, and Appstack. Ona is Akros’ core development partner and an expert on interoperability frameworks in the development space. Terraframe has a long history of building robust and configurable tools for global health and has implemented Reveal. Appstack is currently running a Reveal configuration and has a solid understanding of current state and the necessary developer skills. Akros and Ona have worked closely together since 2014, and the two have collaborated with Terraframe and Appstack since 2018 and 2020 respectively. Akros will govern the consortium and lead the workflow and functional design, Ona will bring vision for technology innovations and execute the software development, Terraframe will translate the enterprise scalability and guidance criteria to architectural plans specific to Reveal and assist with software development, and Appstack will serve as development backstop support. Akros also maintains a Reveal steering committee, which will be routinely consulted on architecture and development throughout.

Digital Health Atlas: 

Reveal is registered in DHA:

Please see attachment in Supporting Documents section for screenshot.


Geographic Reach: 

Reveal is in use in the following countries: Eswatini, Namibia, Nigeria, Thailand, and Zambia.

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Client applications
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packaging and deployment
community engagement
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