Notice E0 Phase 1 Shelf Readiness

Notice E for promoting investments in digital health global goods

In the first phase of the Open Application Process (OAP), applicants will submit concept notes to the open application platform. Concept notes should be three pages or less in length. To be eligible for funding through Notice E0, applicants must complete the concept note template, which includes:  

  1. Two Sentence Overview 

In two sentences, provide a description of your project for a nontechnical audience. Please describe: the goal(s) of the project; how the goal(s) will be achieved; how your organization’s expertise will contribute to achieving the project goal(s). 

  1. Executive Summary 

Describe in two to three paragraphs, for a nontechnical audience, the context under which this application or work plan is being submitted to Digital Square and the expected outcomes. Answer the following questions: What will this investment from Digital Square specifically go toward? How will this investment advance shelf-readiness of the global good? What is/are the goal(s) of the project? How will the goal(s) be achieved? How will your organization’s expertise contribute to achieving the project goal(s)? 

  1. Consortium Team 

If you are looking for partners or collaborating organizations, indicate the type of support needed and put the text in bold font so that it stands out. 

Describe in two to three paragraphs the composition of the consortium:  In the first paragraph of this section, describe the prime organization, including the skill sets of the organization relative to the project. Include how the organization will lead/manage the work. In the second paragraph, identify supporting organizations. Include technical capabilities aligned with the application activities for each organization. Include the following details: Profile of organization’s relevant qualifications, and how capabilities will augment the prime organization. 

  1. Project Description 

Describe the project idea in further detail. If you have phases or objective areas in your project, outline those in the project description. Subsections within the project description should include: 

  1. Background or problem statement 

Put the project/work within the larger context. Detail relevant background information necessary for a third party to understand. What is the current phase/stage of the software? How does it measure up against the shelf-readiness framework? Where are the gaps? 

  1. Objectives 

What is the technical approach or anticipated activities to address the problem statement and anticipated outcomes? Provide a short description of monitoring and evaluation approach, techniques, and/or process. Frame the objectives within the shelf-readiness framework.  

  1. Deliverables & Schedule 

What are the outputs or deliverables? What is the anticipated timeline to meet deliverables?  

  1. Risk Mitigation  

Are there potential obstacles or risks? What is the mitigation strategy and/or plan to overcome them?


Applicants must submit preliminary concept note in the first two weeks of the concept note phase. The first version of a preliminary concept note submitted after the due date will not be reviewed to move onto the application phase and therefore is ineligible for funding. 

When submitting the concept note to the open application platform, you should copy sections I-III into the platform and list the consortium team organization(s), as applicable. The open application platform will also ask you to provide digital health atlas registration confirmation (required), tagging, geographic reach, and source code, as applicable.  

Digital Square requires that the global good is registered as a software in the Digital Health Atlas (DHA). This ensures that users of the DHA can reference it in future project registrations.  If the digital health tool is registered, please include a screenshot of the entry under “Attachments.”  If it is currently not part of the taxonomy to register the software, please register by contacting Maeghan Orton at and include a copy of this email under “Attachments” on the open application platform. Please see Appendix B: Application Requirements – Technical Checklist

Concept notes that are aligned with Digital Square’s vision, priorities, and funding objectives will be invited to submit a full application. Currently, US$150,000-200,000 of funding has been identified from which multiple subawards are expected to be made.