Request for Application #2019-020

Digital Financial Services on Health Outcomes and Health Systems

clinicPesa/disruptive healthcare financing solution.

Executive summary: 

clinicPesa in partnership with MTN has developed and now deploying a digitized platform that enables users to save funds dedicated for healthcare and also extends micro-loans incase savings are not enough to clear medical bills/purchase drugs at a clinicPesa registered Hospital or Clinic or Pharmacy or Drug Shop in Uganda as it’s a first market with potential for scale in several markets.

clinicPesa will use its implemented platform to assess the role in advancing financial protection by assessing its network of healthcare facilities, clientele and analyzing the clinicPesa usage, in regards to improved health system performance and also the impact of clinicPesa to the low-income uninsured citizens with regards to healthcare financing.

Our objectives are; (1) financial protection – whether Users are able to save enough to clear their medical bills or whether the micro loan top-ups are enabling Users receive full treatment and medication. The extent of our non-performing loans and any effect in the said usage. (2) demand for and use of health services among clients – to determine whether with clinicPesa in place Users are eliminating self- diagnosis and seeking medical consultations and to what extent. (3) quality and responsiveness of health service providers - Whether with real-time payments at healthcare facilities are able to improve their quality of service, build and strengthen patient-doctor relationship. (4) In Uganda, the government is in the process of enrolling the mandatory health insurance, we will also assess how clinicPesa enhances mandatory Health insurance in the communities and, explore opportunities for possible synergies to enhance the government health insurance. (5) clinicPesa will also want to determine how gender and other factors may influence its impact on health Systems assessment of key implementation considerations when incorporating digitization of financial services like clinicPesa into health systems strengthening (HSS) efforts.

The collected data in regards to the study will then be analyzed and used to prepare comprehensive reports of the findings.

Being that the study is in the field of clinicPesa’s operational line, our team of experts and behavior scientist will come in handy in regards to utilizing the direct results and out comes from our clinicPesa platform to cover the learning from direct usage and feedback from the field.

Consortium Team: 

The prime organization will be clinicPesa Limited, a limited liability company registered with the Registrar of Companies of Uganda as well as regulated by the Uganda Micro Finance Regulatory Authority.  

The project management core team at clinicPesa Ltd is currently comprised of the Eng. Onyancha Chrispinus the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chrispinus is a Software Engineer with over nine years of extensive experience in project management, developing technical systems, research and operations. He is the Founder and CEO of ClinicPesa Limited, Ms. Anyango Sharon the Chief Operations Officer (COO) Sharon is a Quantity Surveyor with over seven years’ extensive experience in Operation Management. She is a co-Founder of ClinicPesa Ltd and currently working as the Chief Operations Officer. She previously worked with CreativeDNA Ltd as the Operation Manager. Mr. Mworozi Ivan the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a combined experience of over 30 years in technology, financial systems, research and operations.

Dr. Ian Clarke is an Experienced Chairperson with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital and health care industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Management, Healthcare Management, Healthcare, and Leadership. Strong business development professional graduated from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, U. of London. He is the Founder and Board member, Kiwoko Hospital which also includes a nursing school, and a lab technology training school. He is the Chairman, Uganda Healthcare Federation which represents the private health sector in Uganda. And he is a Board member of The East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF) which is an association of private sector health organizations that was formed in 2012 when the Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF), Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF), the Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA), and the Rwanda Healthcare Federation (RHF) private health sector joined to form an overarching umbrella body for the East African region.


Dr. Robert Karanja of Villgro Kenya who has diverse experience in the medical field and field of micro insurance products. With experience in research having worked as a Senior Research Officer at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), Developed Global Health R&D proposals; implemented and managed projects in Centre for Biotechnology Research & Development, Organized national, regional and institutional Global Health events and forums, Provided managerial and capacity building support to KEMRI, Grantsmanship Office (Office of Sponsored Research)


Ms Jona Repishti, Manager at D-LAB MIT, Jona manages the MIT D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowship Program and other social entrepreneurship initiatives at D-Lab. Prior to this role, she served as Global Network Manager for the USAID- funded International Development Innovation Network. Before joining D-Lab, Jona worked for the United Nations and other agencies, taking part in short projects in Haiti, Kenya, Kosovo, & China. One of her proudest achievements is founding the Mjaft! (Enough!)  Foundation promoting youth civic engagement in her home country, Albania. In the fall of 2016, Jona also took over management of the D-LabScale-Ups Fellowship Program. Jona holds a BA in International Relations from Middlebury College and an MPA in Development Studies from Princeton University


Our implementing partner MTN is a subsidiary of MTN Group a multinational telecommunications group connecting approximately 232 million people in 22 countries across Africa and the Middle East with MTN Uganda having over 12 million subscribers. In 2009, MTN Uganda introduced its mobile telephone based banking product known as Mobile Money. We have partnered with MTN Uganda to leverage on the already existing mobile money infrastructure and large customer base to push clinicPesa to our target customers.

Final Technical Application: 
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In Scope - withdraw


clinicPesa Disruptive healthcare Solutions

Please be sure to include a high-level budget summary in your final technical application in addition to the detailed budget and budget narrative. Note also that you may still update/revise the detailed budget and budget narrative you uploaded on the platform as desired beginning on December 6th up until the deadline on December 20th. Thank you!

Hi Celia, Thank you very much for the reminder in regards to the high-level budget. We will be updating it on the 6th once the platform allows edits.

We also note that this application focuses on a request to fund project implementation, however the purpose of this RFA is to study archival literature and research existing solutions which respond to the proposed research questions. We recommend redirecting the focus of the application accordingly.

We recommend you address a few more things in your application.  How will findings benefit the entire sector, rather than only clinicPesa and MTN? How will you genericize findings beyong Uganda context?