Request for Application #2019-020

Digital Financial Services on Health Outcomes and Health Systems

Concept Note - Toffee Insurance

Primary Author: Akanksha Nag
Executive summary: 

Our vision is to make insurance accessible, relevant and affordable for communities that have been underserved. And this, of course, includes a wide population of people who currently have no safety nets for healthcare, earning risk and other financial days to day risks. Our active intention is to divert attention to the issue of under penetration of insurance and move towards making it a necessity. This can only be brought to light by spreading constant awareness and providing multiple opportunities for people to engage and relate to our concept. Our efforts will reap results if we work at a larger scale with other organisations/partners that can help us create better solutions that bring this difference and change. To solve problems of such epic proportions - we must scale and foster a strong distribution network that this investment will help us with. 

Consortium Team: 

Rohan Kumar (CEO/Co-founder) is the co-founder and CEO of Toffee Insurance. He launched Toffee Insurance in 2017 to democratize the insurance buying experience thereby, making insurance affordable, accessible and relevant for the uninsured masses. An entrepreneur & product marketer with 18 years of hands-on 'Market Entry & Commercial Strategy' experience across Mobile, Tech & Consumer Products. He has helped multiple companies like Shell, Haines, PlayUp & Gamestop ideate and creates products which have turned in 5X returns. His leadership experience spans a range of growth-stage and fortune 500 companies across the APAC region. 


Nishant Jain (CPO/Co-founder) is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer for Toffee Insurance, bite-sized insurance for millennials, and has led the product experience since Toffee Insurance’s inception. With almost two decades of experience in design-related endeavours, he is acknowledged as a product experience expert. 

He is also the Co-founder and CEO of Design for Use, a multinational digital strategy and design agency. During this time he has led, built and managed design teams across geographies and industries. 

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