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DHIS2 FHIR interface

Primary Author: Scott Russpatrick
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Announcement C0: Global Good Software Development and Support
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Out of Scope


Be sure to update your tags before July 20! Tags are an eligibility requirement to move into the full proposal phase. 

The team at IntraHealth International would enjoy working with you on this effort. OpenInfoMan can already export some DHIS2 data in FHIR, but we too would like to see DHIS2 have comprehensive FHIR-compliant data export functionality.

Thank you for your submission. Looking forward to review the full proposal!

Could you describe in more detail the community engagement strategy as well as the decision making process that will be followed regarding the design decisions that are left to be made.

If you are leaning towards the local FHIR repository, we would also encourage you to collaborate with the "Instant OpenHIE" proposal which can help with the productizaiton/packaging of the local repo. Even if not, we would encourage you to support this proposal around the DHIS2 FHIR/mCSD support, which is essentially a local FHIR repository attached to DHIS2.

Additionally, the OpenLMIS group has also decided on a local FHIR repostitory to handle their FHIR interoperability - their proposal is here