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Building an Open Child Helpline System(OpenCHS) Community of Practice

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Announcement C0: Global Good Software Development and Support
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Approved – Contingent on Funding


Thank you for your concept note and we look forward to seeing your full proposal.  I recommend you include information on how the COP would be governed and including steps you will take to ensure proper govenance and sustainability after this project if it is awarded.  Please also include metrics/indicators for success throughout implementation.  I appreciate a lot of work has gone into getting to this point - great to further highlight some of the requirements already gathered or attached some of this documentation as an appendix to your proposal.

Thank you Amanda for this very important feedback. We will work on steps to ensure proper governance of the COP as well as a sustainability model. We will also work on indicators to measure success throughout the 2 Year implementation. We have attached the Functional Requirements Document and the System Design Document. In the meantime we will try to pull summarize the requirements onto the proposal.

Child Helplines play a critical role in Child Protection. This can be brought out more clearly if we can demonstrate some statistics such as the number of reported abuse cases, number of calls received either per month or per year, number of closed cases, escalated cases. These metrics can be brought out in the proposal especially for the East Africa region for those countries that have been using the OpenCHS. Thank you for the efforts to streamline the system and to make it replicable across many more countries.

Thank you Kenneth we have taken note of the feedback and will incorporate into the proposal.