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Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

Planwise - Optimizing Geospatial Network Coverage

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Announcement C0: Global Good Software Development and Support
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Approved – Contingent on Funding


Thanks for your submission and looking forward to your full proposal.

It would be great to add some details about the long-term strategy for self-sustainability. Additionally, regarding some of the integrations mentioned, will any digital health / information exchange standards be used?

Hi Nils, Thanks for the comment. 

We are seeking to develop both a governance model and a model for scale as part of the funding we would receive from Digital Square.  Would love to hear any thoughts you have on the topic, right now we are mostly in an exploratory state. 

Re: integrations, we want to be implementation driven for such things, as they tend to be expensive and time-consuming.  We currently support integration with an OpenHIE facility registry (via Resource Map) and also have a direct .csv import function already deployed for service location.  We are eager to explore other potential needs around integration too, whether those be FHIR based or mCSD or whatever it might be.