Notice C

Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods


Notice C Opportunity: 
Announcement C0: Global Good Software Development and Support
Application Status: 
In Scope


Thank you for your concept note and we look forward to the full proposal.  I recommend you rename this proposal to specifically align with the coaltion support requested - this will help differentiate it from the previous Notice B submission.  As you expand the proposal, please include indicators and measures for success as well as a very specific list of outputs.  Please detail how you will engage new coalition members and where some of your strategy documentation will be housed. Please also detail out the strategies including the goal of the respective strategy that you would set if successful in this application for funding.

Can you discuss how the steward would be selected by Bahmi Coallition members? Is this intended to be a rotating role? Are there any opportunities for a coallition member to contribute some in-kind resources towards this?