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eLMIS FE: Health Facility Level Supply Chain Logistics

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Announcement C0: Global Good Software Development and Support
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Approved - partially funded


Thank you for your concept note and we are looking forward to the full proposal.  Please address core software support for eLMIS in your proposal, ensuring you link other funding resources to the work so sustainability of these activities are clear.  Please also include indicators/measures of success in your proposal.  It is great to see the collaboration with the OpenLMIS Community.  Please detail this further in your proposal, as it will be informative to see more explicitly how you envision those linkages to be.

As the team builds out the full proposal, it would be great if the team could articulate the stratgey and goals around the community support for Facility Edition once it is open sourced.  I understand it wouldn't be a part of this scope but it would be good to clarify the goal or direction the team plans to take.  Thanks!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. In revised version will address your suggestions and comments for -- software support, funding sources, sustainability, success factors, community collaboration and linkages. Thanks 

From what we understand, the GS1 standard is not yet being deployed at the facility level in most countries, rather it is focused on national purchasing/stores - were the three countries cited planning on rolling out GS1 at the facility level?

Can you describe in more detail what the gap is between activites 1 and 2 - in particular what are there things that are in 2 that cannot be covered by 1? For example R&R can be convered under GS1?

How will you handle interoperability/integration testing with OpenLMIS v3? If any gaps in API/interoperbility w/ OpenLMIS v3 are uncovered, how will those be addressed?

Hi Nils, thanks for your comments and questions. We're proposing to build REST API based sync with OpenLMIS 3 as part of this proposal. OpenLMIS in V3 does have a GS1 compliant product model. It is also building an interface with FHIR compliant Facility Registry (FR). eLMIS Facility edition will sync with OpenLMIS V3 every month (or on demand) to bring in all meta data (all background/lookup tables) in to it's own database. This will ensure that eLMIS facility edtition will be using GS1 compliant product codes coming from OpenLMIS 3 as well as using facility codes that are consistance across all apps.

Testing of interoperability with openLMIS v3 will happen as part of testing of the new syncing mechanism. I'll update the proposal in final version to spell out this in more details.