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Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

Enhancing the Interoperability of SENAITE Health Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

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Thank you for your concept note and we look forward to the full proposal.  I appreciate the linkages to the LIS COP Notice B activities and OpenHIE.  Please expand on your description of the OpenHIE engagement in your full proposal, noting how you will specifically engage with the subcommunities.  As you expand the proposal, plesae detail very specific outputs, such as the documentation for the HL7 integration.  I recommend you also tie this closely with surveillence use cases, leveraging where DHIS2 is already used for eIDSR.  Setting up some test instances or working with a Ministry of Health to test this interoperability would be extremely interesting.

Also, it looks like you are considering a facade interface to support the FHIR interfaces. Have you also considered a local FHIR repository to stand along side Senaite?

This is the approach being taken by OpenLMIS and possibly by DHIS2. See for info / potential collaboration on FHIR interoperability with DHIS2 and for productization of OpenHIE components. The latter can be likely utilized for the local FHIR repository.

We would encourage the adoption of HL7 FHIR (over v2 or v3) as that is the emerging concensus for standards within the OpenHIE commnunity and they are very few v2 or v3 implementations in SSA.