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An Instant OpenHIE

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Sounds like this could also generate documentation / best practices for OpenHIE components that have not yet adopted container technologies.

Will this work consider taking steps towards creating an official repository of containerized apps for the OpenHIE community?

Thank you for your concept note and we look forward to the full proposal. Please build in any reference to OHIE18 as appropriate as you finalize your proposal.  Please also specify how you anticipate harnessing the OpenHIE community and wiki to support this activity including hosting any final ouputs.

Thanks for your proposal! 

Since there are a number of technology choices (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes), we would suggest an assessment/community input activity to ensure concensus around the choices and a (brief) landscape of what openhie tools have been packaged using which tech.

As the proposal packaging would be reflective of different use cases/domains - how would these different packages relate to each other/how will dependencies be described?

What documentation or support will be provided for onboarding new tools/domains into the packaging system? How will you handle cases when there are more than one component that can play the same role in the architecture? For example in Debian packaging, there is a "Provides" feature. Are there any thoughts on how this packaging can be used to scale?

It seems like the Lorem Ipsum proposal should leverage this setup - perhaps combine the proposals and include Lorem Ipsum as a specific workpackage in this proposal. There are some potential opportunities for collaboration with the following poposals:, and as they may benefit from some productization.

We like this proposal and are trying to connect with this team as per our thread /discussion here re openHIM.
Please let us know how we can help each other by collaborating on this.

This proposal has the potential to enable multiple OpenHIE use cases. The proposed use case around HIV case-based surveillance is a high visibility / high impact activity in many settings given UNAIDS and WHO guidance on this topic, but itself depends on multiple other functions that are also still complex to configure. The proposed workplan implements the use case in the final two months, but more basic use cases can be identified along-the-way as well.

In a clinical (or health services delivery) workflow, robust capabilities for patient identification (e.g. probabilistic matching and biometric identifiers) would be an enabler. With an infrastructure/deployment perspective, technologies that allow integration of relatively simple facility based systems but with varying quality-of-service environments for connectivity and bandwidth may also be a critical enabler.    Please also include system wide concepts such as security and privacy considerations into account in options to configure a deployable instant HIE.