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Blood Safety Information System (BSIS) data exchange and device interfacing project

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Announcement C0: Global Good Software Development and Support
Application Status: 
Approved - partially funded


Thank you for your proposal and looking forward to the full proposal! Here a couple of questions and comments:

Will the BSIS make use of the OpenLabConnect for its lab hard device interfacing? see

What is the gap between what is in OLC and what AfSBT requires? The proposal mentions the issue of transcription errors for results of blood tests - what data exchange standards are proposed to be used here? Is there a potential Device -> OpenLabConnect -> FHIR -> BSIS route here?

For the offline/multi-site functionality, what is the tech stack that is being proposed? It seems liekly that BSIS could leverage an existing stack (e.g. DHIS2 Tracker, ODK2, etc) that already handles the data sync issues. It is not clear if new data-sync technology is being proposed here or not.