Notice E0 Phase 1 Shelf Readiness

Notice E for promoting investments in digital health global goods

Managing the 21st Century Health Workforce: Shelf-Ready iHRIS 5 Global Digital Health Good

Two-sentence overview: 

iHRIS is the premier global digital health good for ministries of health (MOHs) to manage their health workforce. Digital Square can help promote iHRIS 5 upgrades in the 20 countries that have previous versions of iHRIS, and stimulate new countries to adopt iHRIS, with shelf-ready investments in:

  • A technology demonstration that shows greater product information and documentation;  
  • A dashboard integration that enhances the Instant OpenHIE reference design; and
  • Automated testing that verifies quality assurance of iHRIS and its components.
Executive summary: 

iHRIS is the premier open source human resources information system (HRIS) for ministries of health (MOHs) to manage their health workforces. It is a recognized global digital health good with deployments in more than 20 countries that manage over a million health worker records. IntraHealth International has invested in iHRIS since 2005, and we seek new Digital Square support to promote iHRIS 5.0 upgrades and stimulate new deployments with shelf readiness investments in three core work packages:

  • Greater product information and documentation delivered via a highly functional technology demonstration that allows prospective users to appreciate the full functionality of iHRIS 5.0.
  • Improved Kibana integration in iHRIS, and therefore improved ease of iHRIS installation and deployment, so that it becomes a transparent component of the Instant OpenHIE reference design.
  • Automated integration and regression testing so that our software commits to Github are covered by verifiable quality assurance and testing, and iHRIS always functions as promised.

IntraHealth will leverage the global iHRIS Advisory Board, the greater iHRIS Community, and the OpenHIE Community to ensure these developments increase demand for iHRIS and ease of deployment in low- and middle-income countries.

Consortium Team: 

IntraHealth International is a global health NGO with a 40-year history in developing successful data tools and digital health applications for health workers and managers. We develop solutions that are open source, data-driven, sustainable, and collaborative. As a pioneer in the field of health workforce informatics, we’re committed to using technology, information, and analytical approaches to support the people at the center of our health systems.

IntraHealth is the lead developer of iHRIS, the free open source software, that helps countries around the world track and manage their health workforce data to improve access to services. Since 2005, IntraHealth has invested in iHRIS for countries to capture and maintain high-quality information for health workforce planning, management, regulation, and training. iHRIS is an established global digital health good that is used in more than 20 countries to manage over a million health worker records at a potential cost savings of over $275 million when compared to commercial software.

iHRIS development will be led by the following IntraHealth staff and supported by a full range of health experts, project managers, and back-up software developers:

  • Luke Duncan, Digital Health Assistant Director, has over 20 years of experience in software development, including leading the development of iHRIS, the flagship human resources solution for global health, and multiple data interoperability standards and reference designs to connect iHRIS, DHIS2, and OpenMRS.
  • Nobert Mijumbi, Regional Health Workforce Technologist, has 10 years of experience in software development, including supporting the customization and configuration of iHRIS and its nationwide deployment in both Uganda and Ethiopia.
  • Dana Acciavatti, Digital Health Senior Portfolio Manager, has 19 years of experience strengthening systems that support health workers, including leading project management for IntraHealth's portfolio of digital health projects and iHRIS in particular.
Digital Health Atlas: 

iHRIS has been implemented in more than 20 countries. The Digital Health Atlas registration for the iHRIS implementation in Uganda is linked for reference and a screenshot is attached.

Geographic Reach: 

iHRIS is an established global digital health good that is used in more than 20 countries to manage over a million health worker records

WHO Classification: 
Human resource information system
Application Status: 
Not Approved
Application Tags: 
data visualization
provider registry


Hi Team iHRIS. Looks like a great submission. I was wondering if you might be interested in expanding the demonstration to include two-way integration with a community health worker management tool? (Something like CommCare or a MedicMobile app?) Just recently, the Digital Impact Alliance put together an iHRIS integration for a Building Blocks Demonstration using OpenFn. Adding new CHW records to iHRIS when a submission is made in CommCare wouldn't take more than an hour or two, including testing, to set up. (We could get much more complex, of course!)

Anyway, I wonder if showing how easily iHRIS workflows can be automated using its API and an integration platform might make it click for ministries. Let me know if you're keen.

Thanks for the comment, Taylor, this idea and the video are very interesting! We're planning to detail out the demo contents in the full application phase and will give some thought to your suggestion.

Hi team, are there any metrics on how iHRIS has grown from last round of investment. Also interested in how one sees Kibana fitting into Instant OpenHIE. Is there intent to see the loading data and workflows linked into Instant OpenHIE?

Thanks for the comment, Carl. We’ve had advancements in software maturity for iHRIS and in the number of country deployments since the last investment. We see Kibana as an integral aspect of iHRIS 5, driving the highly-requested visualization functionality. We look forward to expanding on all three points in the full proposal.