Notice C

Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

A DHIS2 App to enhance DHIS2 computational capabilities

Primary Author: Antoine Legrand
Notice C Opportunity: 
Announcement C0: Global Good Software Development and Support
Application Status: 
Approved - partially funded


Thank you for this concept note and I am excited to see the full proposal!  I appreciate the consortium approach.  Please expand the type of documentation you intend to create in the proposal and how this will be shared.  Please also detail the type of Forum you indeed to harness for user feedback.  Too, since knowledge of ORBF may be low, you may want to consider different avenues to present the app once it is complete.  Finally, I do recommend you reaching out to UiO or HISP for input into this proposal.

Thanks for your proposal! It would be good to compare ORBF to Clinical Quality Language (CQL) What would be the advantage of ORBF over CQL? What are the advantages of ORBF over the existing DHIS2 program rules?