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DHIS2 Generic Structured Feedback via Job-Aids

Primary Author: Cristina Lussiana
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Announcement C0: Global Good Software Development and Support
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Thanks for your submission and we are looking forward to your developed full proposal. It would be great to expand on the described examples, potentially in a storyboard-like form, so that the interactions between users and the job-aid or feedback features would become cleare. From a technical point of view. it would be helpful to outline the reasoning behind enhancing DHIS2 core rather than offering connecting point for external applications - which might also need enhancements in core, albeight more simple ones.

Although DHIS2 as an HMIS is mentioned at the outset, it seems that DHIS2 Tracker is a focus for this proposal - can you please clarify?

During the conceptualization phase, it would be great to incorporate broader DHIS2 community feedback. Also, a number of other tools already make use of structured/triggered feedback and it would be good to have an early assessment of those, identify challenges and generally incorporate past learnings. Another interesting potential is to review the DHIS2 FHIR proposal - can the proposed logic be built of the data that would be expressed in FHIR here? This would allow utility not only for DHIS2 Tracker but other systems as well.