Notice B

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Notice B: Automated Health Information Systems Interoperability Maturity Assessment Tool

Primary Author: Sam Wambugu

In 2017, ICF worked under MEASURE Evaluation to develop a health information systems (HIS) interoperability maturity toolkit. The toolkit
comprises an HIS maturity model, a maturity model assessment tool, and a users’ guide. The maturity model concept is used to measure the
ability of an organization or government entity, such as a ministry of health (MOH), to continuously improve in a specific discipline until it
reaches the desired maturity. The toolkit was developed collaboratively with the Digital Health and Interoperability (DH&I) working group of
the Health Data Collaborative (HDC). The toolkit is now available in hardcopy format for use by countries. DH&I working group members and
MEASURE Evaluation expect the toolkit to be routinely reviewed and updated based on recommendations from users. Although the toolkit
provides valuable data to help countries strengthen their HIS, the hardcopy format can be cumbersome to use, and assessment results may not
be consistent across countries. For example, different people in the same assessment may answer the questions differently, data analysis may be
time consuming or erroneous, and it may be difficult to compare results between rounds of assessments. To ease the process of assessment, data
analysis, and presentation, and to promote consistent assessment approaches across users and countries, there is a need to automate the
assessment tool. ICF is proposing to convert the maturity model and assessment tool into a free, downloadable application that users can use to
enter data (responses) during the assessment. The application will then collate the responses and produce a color-coded results dashboard. This
output will simplify the results interpretation, thereby setting the stage for action-planning.

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