Notice B

Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

Notice B: Design and Development of Patient centric systems

Primary Author: Akash Jindal

DHIS2 and OpenMRS are both open source software solutions that cater to the information needs in the public health domain. While DHIS2 is
tailored to look after the health indicators en masse , OpenMRS is aimed at collecting and managing Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
DHIS2 in brief:
DHIS2 is a tool for collection, validation, analysis, and presentation of aggregate and patient-based statistical data, tailored (but not limited) to
integrated health information management activities. It is a generic tool rather than a pre-configured database application, with an open metadata
model and a flexible user interface that allows the user to design the contents of a specific information system without the need for
programming. DHIS2 is a modular web-based software package built with free and open source Java frameworks.
The DHIS2 software is used in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and countries that have adopted DHIS2 as their
nation-wide HIS software include Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Liberia, and Bangladesh. A rapidly increasing number of
countries and organisations are starting up new deployments.
OpenMRS in brief:
OpenMRS is a free, open source electronic medical record system (EMR) designed for use in the developing world. It supports health care
delivery and research on resource-constrained environments.
OpenMRS is now in use in clinics in Argentina, Botswana, Cambodia, Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia,
Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa,
Sri Lanka, Tanzania, The Gambia, Uganda, United States, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, and many other places. It is supported by individuals,
organizations, government aid groups, NGOs, and for-profit and non-profit corporations.