Notice B

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Notice B: Creating Digital Access for Health for Migrants

Migration from one country to another has been in the world for years. People from poor and emerging countries travel to other developed
countries in search of better jobs and earning. Not only the opportunity seekers but there are also many population around the world who are
forced to cross borders due to war, calamities and other problems and issues. Whatever the reason is they are all immigrants to the new
These migrant people living in different countries often struggle with getting their human rights covered including the basic health access. In
our case we have focused the migrants of South East Asia primarily with Malaysia one of the golden destination for people from surrounding
Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines etc.
In our proposed project we have considered the Bangladeshi Migrant workers living in Malaysia. We made several surveys and studied the
research documents available related to Migrants health access in Malaysia and other south East Asian countries
There are 6.7 Million Migrant Workers living in Malaysia and out of these 4.5 Millions are undocumented. It means undocumented numbers
are quite higher than the documented one. Thus there is a big challenge for these people to get health services in Hospitals, Clinics or in any
Doctor's chamber. We have tried to find out how they access the health services, what are the challenges they face and what they want in terms
of getting the access.
The research and data analysis reveals three major challenges with migrants in Malaysia, these are 1. Language 2. cost of Health Services 3.
Undocumented migrants have no access or limited access.
Our project ClicknCare ( ) has developed an innovative solution to address these problems by creating a digital platform.
Through this platform any migrant is able to connect to his/her own country doctor who understands the language. As these migrants are
mostly illiterate we have a support agent in the platform who notes their problem and forward to the relevant Doctor. The platform also contain
different health tips which they are able to read in their own language.
The project aimed to create awareness amongst the migrants irrespective of their status of legal and illegal and ensure minimum basic health
services through the doctors who understand their language.

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