Notice B

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Notice B: Data Scout: A Metadata Navigator & Streamlining Tool for Countries

Primary Author: Hannah Cooper

The Government of Malawi (GOM) is in the process of harmonizing and consolidating data collected across the health sector. The number of
data collection tools is unknown and a comprehensive list of data elements recorded not available. At facility level, health workers (HWs) must
record patient level transactions and aggregate data in Government registers and reports, as well as those required by donors. The sheer volume
of information that HWs must manage and report leads to poor data quality, sub-optimal reporting rates, inefficient processes, and excessive
burden for an already stretched health workforce. Additionally, managers and policy makers struggle to identify the right data and reconcile
discrepancies across systems and reporting streams, leading to insufficient data use. Supporting document A highlights the flow of data for the
HIV program alone.
The Kuunika Project is a four-year effort, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to catalyse the integration, use, and governance of
health data in Malawi. Through Kuunika, Cooper/Smith is supporting the GOM and technical partners to identify, harmonize, and streamline
health data. The ultimate goals are to reduce collection burden, digitize records, improve access, improve data quality, and foster a culture of
continuous data use.
Cooper/Smith is supporting the Ministry of Health’s Central Monitoring and Evaluation Division (CMED) with accurately documenting data
elements and mapping common elements across systems and paper tools. Cooper/Smith is currently developing a user-friendly digital
application: “Data Scout” (previously called “Metadata Navigator”) that allows users to author, visualize, and manage metadata across the
entire health sector. (Supporting Document B outlines the high-level framework for categorization). In late 2017, the vision for this application
was approved by CMED and currently being incorporated into the MOH’s latest Monitoring & Evaluation Framework. Cooper/Smith is
looking for funding from Digital Square to turn Data Scout into a global good that can be scaled for broader application in multiple countries
while remaining tailored to meet a country’s specific requirements.

Final Proposal: 
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Not Approved