Notice B

Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

Notice B: Packaging OpenSRP for Scale and Community-driven National Adoption

Primary Author: Matt Berg

OpenSRP ( Open Smart Register Platform ) is an open-source mobile health platform to empower frontline health workers and simultaneously
provide program managers and policy makers with current data for decision and policy-making. A committed community of technology,
research and implementation partners has evolved the software to a point of early maturity characterized by multiple deployments, high
performing technology at scale, and emerging documentation around specific use cases for RMNCAH, TB, HIV, Malaria and Early Childhood
The platform has been under active development since 2014 and deployed in six countries at different levels of scale. Controlled trials and
systematic assessments of OpenSRP have shown improvements in coverage and quality of care. OpenSRP is at a critical juncture where
improved community governance and product management, along with technical enhancements focusing on interoperability and software
architecture, are needed to catalyze scaled improvements to facilitate use in pending national level implementations and make it a global good.
GGF would help OpenSRP overcome identified constraints associated with establishing a multi-vendor community and ensuring communitydriven,
national-scale deployments. On behalf of the consortium, Ona will serve as the lead of OpenSRP as a global good project.

Application Status: 
Approved - partially funded