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Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

Digital Square supports investments in digital health global goods, which are tools that are adaptable to different countries and contexts. Mature digital health global good software is software that is (usually) Free and Open Source (FOSS), is supported by a strong community, has a clear governance structure, is funded by multiple sources, has been deployed at significant scale, is used across multiple countries, has demonstrated effectiveness, is designed to be interoperable, and is an emergent standard application.

We are using an open proposal process. Your concept notes and proposals will be publicly posted, giving you and other submitters the opportunity to find collaborators and provide and receive feedback from your peers.

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Notice B: Illuminate Data with a DHIS2-Power BI Connector

Primary Author: Daniel Messer
Application Status: 
Approved - fully funded

Population Services International (PSI) would like to partner with technology firm BAO Systems and the University of Oslo (UiO) to develop a
connector between Power BI, Microsoft’s suite of business analytic tools, and DHIS2. The connector will enable non-technical users to easily
share data between DHIS2 and Power BI in order to visualize and compare vital information from multiple data sources. Power BI allows
health program managers to affordably and quickly generate dynamic infographics that better communicate data, thereby informing health

Notice B: Improving effective adoption and use of health information systems for malaria control through enhanced DHIS2 functionality and operational guidance

Primary Author: Lakshmi Balachandran
Application Status: 
In Scope - withdraw

Functioning health information systems are the backbone of malaria control and elimination programs worldwide, providing information on
where parasites can be found in people, where transmission is occurring, how interventions should be targeted, and whether regions are
progressing towards malaria control goals. In over 50 countries, including high malaria-endemic countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya,
DHIS2 is the de-facto health management information system (HMIS) and malaria surveillance platform used by policymakers nationally and

Notice B: Integrated Non-Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response System

Primary Author: Karen Yeates
Application Status: 
Not Approved

Integrated surveillance is critical to control infectious diseases and to manage preventative health services. Surveillance involving public health,
veterinary, since 2011, the system has facilitated near real-time reporting of animal bites and human and animal vaccine use (almost 30,000
reports) by over 300 frontline health and veterinary workers across a catchment area of 150,000 km2 with >10 million inhabitants. Since March

Notice B: Integrating Outlier Analysis and Data Quality User Notification into Core DHIS2 Analytics Applications

Primary Author: Scott Russpatrick
Application Status: 
In Scope - withdraw

University of Oslo (UiO) requests support for the continued development of improved data quality analysis features. Specifically, through a widely successful proof-of-concept outlier analysis and automatic user notifications to data quality issues has been identified as a necessary features to incorporate into all standard analytics tools in DHIS2: charts, pivot tables, maps, scorecards, and dashboards.

Notice B: Making ODK Aggregate A Greater Global Good

Primary Author: Yaw Anokwa
Application Status: 
In Scope - withdraw

Open Data Kit (ODK) is an open-source and community-owned set of tools that replaces paper surveys with smartphones. The tools are
primarily used by health organizations to collect data quickly, accurately, offline, and at scale. This effort focuses on the ODK 1 suite of tools
(Collect, Aggregate, XLSForm, Build, JavaRosa) which are widely-deployed global goods that have been used to collect billions of data points.
Example projects include: