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Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

Digital Square supports investments in digital health global goods, which are tools that are adaptable to different countries and contexts. Mature digital health global good software is software that is (usually) Free and Open Source (FOSS), is supported by a strong community, has a clear governance structure, is funded by multiple sources, has been deployed at significant scale, is used across multiple countries, has demonstrated effectiveness, is designed to be interoperable, and is an emergent standard application.

We are using an open proposal process. Your concept notes and proposals will be publicly posted, giving you and other submitters the opportunity to find collaborators and provide and receive feedback from your peers.

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Notice B: Mangologic Resources Development

Primary Author: Tom Routen
Application Status: 
In Scope - withdraw

Mangologic is a platform for the development, maintenance and deployment of complex digital health systems. Platforms in the global digital
health space come largely from a common root: the XForms/JavaRosa activity of nearly a decade ago spawned CommCare and ODK. Ona,
OpenSRP and MedicMobile all inherit important characteristics from this common root. This homogeneity means the space of possible
solutions is not well-represented, and if the common root embodies certain limitations organisations looking to understand what is possible are

Notice B: Medic Mobile - Building a Community of Practice

Primary Author: Julie Smith
Application Status: 
Approved – Contingent on Funding

Medic Mobile (MM) is a 501(c)(3) public charity that was founded in 2010 to improve health in communities that are hardest to reach. We
serve this mission by building, delivering, and supporting mobile tools that help community health workers, managers, and clinical teams work
together to provide equitable care. Our offices in Nairobi, Kathmandu, and San Francisco and 82 staff support partners in 23 countries. The
open-source software toolkit supports more than 20,000 health workers, improving community health systems for more than 1 million families.

Notice B: MedUp : AI – Powered Healthcare Platform

Primary Author: Arief Faqihudin
Application Status: 
Out of Scope

MedUp is a platform that helps people obtain health information through the integration of trusted doctors and health facilities (hospital, clinic, dental clinic, beauty clinic, etc) using Artificial Intelligence (AI). MedUp focuses on providing comprehensive and reliable medical information and medical facilities. In another side, MedUp also helps health facility or health provider to expand practice information faster and easier. So, by using MedUp, users can reach the nearby and specialized hospital with ease.

Notice B: minoHealth: Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis to Solve Healthcare In Africa

Primary Author: Darlington Akogo
Application Status: 
Out of Scope

We want grant funding from Digital Square to fasten our implementation and deployment of minoHealth. minoHealth is a startup and
multifaceted system with the objective of democratising Quality Healthcare with innovative and cutting edge technologies like Artificial
Intelligence and Biotechnology in Africa. minoHealth and its AI Research lab, minoHealth AI Labs researches and experiments with Artificial
Intelligence and ways it can be applied to Healthcare to make it faster, better and yet, cheaper.

Notice B: Mobile WACh: Communication Empowering Patients and Health Care Workers

Primary Author: Jennifer Unger

People want, need and deserve streamlined access to support for their health. Mobile WACh (Mobile Solutions for Women and Children’s Health) is a unique open-source platform offering semi-automated bidirectional mobile messaging, connecting health care workers (HCWs) directly to patients via SMS, driven by patient characteristics, health data and clinic attendance. As a result, HCWs are empowered to offer real-time tailored information and support to patients in low-resource settings.